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Our Services


We offer a range of services including:

  • Dog Walking 
  • Cat care            
  • Feeding of Small Furries
  • Watering Plants       

We remove your post from the doorstep as a matter of course.

We will walk your dog on its own, and not as part of a group, taking him/her to your regular haunts or to a secure local park, and will, wherever possible stick to the routine you have set.

We will feed your cats , clean litter trays, groom them and will spend time playing with them.

If you want us to water your plants, please let us know. If this is in conjunction with dog walking/cat sitting, then there is no extra charge. If you are away,and are concerned that your plants will need watering, we can arrange to do that for you.

Daily Charges:

    • Dog Walking           £10.00 per day.
    • Cat Sitting               £10.00 per day.
    • Small Animals         £ 8.00 per day.
    • Watering Plants      £ 5.00 per day - or free as part of the pet care service.
Please note, these are daily rates not per animal. Extra charges may be applied for a large number of animals.
Having had a diabetic cat, we understand how difficult it is to find care while you are on holiday. We are happy to give medication to your pet, including injections. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

If you don't have any pets and want someone to keep an eye on your home while you are away, this is also something we can do. Please get in touch for details.