The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Gandhi.



A study by the University of Cambridge concluded that having pets in our lives can help keep us well.  Pet owners were found to suffer fewer illnesses, and stroking a pet has long been known to lower stress levels, being particularly effective in people who suffer from high blood pressure.  An American study showed that pet owners were more likely to survive a heart attack than non pet owners.  They provide unconditional love and loyalty and many physical and psychological benefits.  It is therefore, only fair that we repay them by keeping them as happy and healthy as possible. They are a hugely important part of our family and home life, and it is important when we go away that they are looked after by someone who will really care for them.

kittensWe are a small, family run business based in the north of Liverpool UK. We care for animals in their own homes while their owners are on holiday, at work or sick, and make sure that the pet stays happy and healthy in their own environment. We offer a range of pet sitting services, and are insured by a company which specialises in pet sitting insurance.

Our services include dog walking and cat care. We provide a free consultation in your home to discuss your animals' needs, and so that we can become acquainted with your pet in your presence. We also ensure your house is more secure by bringing in the post as a standard part of our sevice.

Diabetic animals, and those in need of other medication welcome.